Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

Brix Refractometer Gula 0-80% | Pengukur Kadar Gula dalam Minuman

Brix Refractometer Gula 0-80%

Brix Refractometer Gula 0-80%, pengukur kadar gula di segala minuman
Brix Refractometer digunakan untuk mengukur kadar Gula dalam jus buah, kopi, soft drinks, buah-buahan, dll.



0-80% Brix Refractometer Syrup Wine/Jam/Sauces/Maple/Juice

Scope of application
Applicable to canned food,juice production and wine fermentation,fruits,and other fields.

Take several drops of distilled water on the detection prism,twist the adjustment screw,set the dividing line to 0%.Then polishing the detection prism for testing.

Measuring range: 0-10%,0-20%,0-28%,0-32%,0-50%,0-58%,0-80%
The smallest scale value:0.1%,0.2%
Dimension:17cm x 3.8cm (Lx Eyepiece dia.)

1. Must be careful and strictly follow the instruction to use,shall not be loose each connection parts of the instrument, shall not fall,collision.It is strictly prohibited to violent vibration.
2. After using,it is forbidden to directly clean into water.It should be wipe with a clean soft cloth,for optical surface, should not be damaged or scratched.
3. The instrument should be storage in where is dry and non-corrosive gas.
4. Aviod the spare parts lost.
5.Instrument has been corrected,can be used directly,not to wrest the eyepiece,please turn to the opposite direction when it can move.

Package Included
1 x Dropper
1 x Refractometer
1 x screwdriver
1 x Cloth
1 x Plastic box with sponge

Keyword : alat ini sangat praktis digunakan untuk mengecek kadar gula dalam minuman seperti kpi, teh, juice dll agar aman bagi anda yang mau menjaga kesehatan dan yang sudah terkena diabetes

Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Gps Tracker dengan OBD Data Monitoring

Gps Tracker dengan OBD Data Monitoring
 Gps Tracker dengan OBD Data Monitoring

HARGA 1.050.000

082 331 518 779
GPS tracker yang satu ini sangat mudah dipasang. Hanya perlu waktu beberapa detik untuk memasangnya. Dan tentunya tidak perlu ahli dalam hal kelistrikan mobil. Cukup colokkan ke port OBD pada mobil anda kemudian setting dan siap digunakan. Port OBD umumnya terletak di bawah setir kemudi.
Disamping untuk melacak posisi koordinat mobil, tracker ini juga dilengkapi dengan microphone untuk mendengarkan suara di kabin mobil.
Tentu saja data dari mesin juga dapat dimonitor jarak jauh. Data obd tersebut meliputi:
1. ODO: Accumulative mileage
2. FLI: Remaining Fuel
3. AF: Average Fuel
4. Dtime: Driving Time
5. Speed: Speed
6. Pload: Power Load
7. Temp: Water temperature
8. ATP: Throttle percentage
9. RPM: Engine speed
10. BAT: Battery Voltage
11. DTC: Diagnostic trouble code

JADI kalau mau pasang GPS tracker yang murah , mudah pemasangannya serta akurat segera pesan GPS tracker dari kami

Jumat, 26 September 2014

Chelsea Filter 20mm | Alat taksir Batu Mulia


HARGA 450.000

082 331 518 779

Tool ini sangat berguna untuk menilai suatu batu mulia.

Stone Reaction
Green Stones
Alexandrite Red
Aquamarine Distinctly Green
Aventurine Quartz Reddish
Chrome Chalcedony Red
Chrysoprase Green
Demantoid Garnet Reddish
Emerald (some Emeralds from South Africa and India may not show a Red hue, but remain Greenish) Pink to Red
Enstatite Green
Fluorite Reddish
Glass (Paste) Green
Hiddenite Slight Pink
Jadeite Green
Peridot Green (Aqua Blue)
Sapphire Green
Soude Emerald (the old type Soude emerald may show red) Green
Stained Bowenite Red
Stained Chalcedony Red
Stained Jadeite Red
Synthetic corundum (alexandrite effect) Red
Synthetic emerald Strong Red
Synthetic Sapphire Red
Synthetic Spinel (some old types may show green) Red
Tourmaline (Certain anomalous green tourmalines have been found to show Red – which would indicate chrome tourmaline) Green
Tsavorite Ganet Red
Uvarovite Garnet Pink
Zircon Reddish
Red Stones
Garnets, dark red, no fluorescence Red
Garnet topped doublet , no fluorescence Dark Red
Glass, paste, no fluorescence Reddish
Ruby, natural and synthetic, strong fluorescence The natural and synthetic sapphire are indistinguishable under the color filter) Red
Spinel, fluorescent Red
Spinel, synthetic, fluorescent ( pink synthetic spinel does not show a red color through the filter) Red
Blue Stones
Aquamarine Distinctive Green
Garnet topped doublet Greenish-blue
Glass, paste, dark blue Red
Glass, paste, light blue Greenish
Lapis lazuli Weak brownish red
Sapphire, blackish (The Blue sapphire which shows a Purple color under artificial light, usually shows Red under the filter) Green
Sodalite Slightly brownish
Spinel Reddish
Spinel, colored by cobalt Red
Swiss lapis, greenish-blue Greenish blue
Synthetic sapphire (The natural and synthetic sapphire are indistinguishable under the color filter) Dark Greenish Blue
Synthetic Spinel,dark blue Red
Synthetic Spinel, light blue Orange
Synthetic Spinel, zircon color Orange to Red
Synthetic Spinel, lapis lazuli color Bright Red
Zircon Greenish
Purple Stones
Amethyst Reddish
Violet Sapphire Bright Red

Minggu, 31 Agustus 2014

Jam detak Jantung dan Kalori Model SJW

Jam detak Jantung dan Kalori Model SJW
 HARGA 145.000

082 331 518 779

Jam untuk mengukur detak jantung dengan model sensor sentuh. Cukup sentuhkan ujung jari ke sensor untuk pembacaan detak jantung. Ada fungsi penghitung kalori dan stopwatch.
  • Brand New and High Quality.
  • Time and calendar.
  • Daily alarm & hourly chime.
  • Chronograph (stopwatch) with split lap time.
  • Continuous heart rate reading in a while with the indication of instant heart rate changing.
  • Exercise heart rate measure and resting heart rate measure modes.
  • Exercise counter with automatic and manual override calorie counter.
  • External pulse mode for determining heart rate at any time.
  • Exercise intensity input for calories analyzing.
  • Battery type: CR2032.
Package Included:
  • 1 x Heart Rate Pulse Watch
  • 1 x User Manual

CCTV Security DVR Camera SD Card Night Vision Waterproof

CCTV Security DVR Camera SD Card Night Vision Waterproof
  HARGA 595.000

082 331 518 779
This product is with an outdoor/indoor complete video monitoring system, has the function of video & sound recording,  nighttime infrared monitoring, photosensitive induction, circulating storage, and it is waterproofed. It has the advantage of easy installation, operation, and convenience of video data reading and so on compared with traditional analog surveillance. It is suitable for security surveillance at households, businesses, offices, supermarkets, schools, warehouses, shops, garages, and the facades of buildings, streets and so on.


Automatic microcomputer record and video machine
Simple operation, just plug into a power socket and it will auto start video recording
Synchronous recording and storage function
Using the latest photographic technology photosensitive, built-in 24 IR LEDs
Built-in microphone
Support system automatically real-time adjustment


Micro Processor
ARM9 32-bit Microprocessor core
Video Encoding
Video Resolution
VAG 640x480
Signal system
White Balance
S/N Ratio
HD Camera
0.3 MP high-definition 1/4" CMOS image sensor
Camera Len
Mini. Illumination
0.1Lux/0Lux when LED on
DC Power
Input:220/110V; Output:5V/1A
Max. TF Support
32GB Micro-SD Card
Made of aluminum
Night Vision Distance
10-20 meters
Working Temperature
Working Humidity

Tronsmart T1000 Miracast Dongle HDMI | Presentasi dengan hp jadi mudah

Tronsmart T1000 Miracast Dongle HDMI | Presentasi dengan hp jadi mudah
HARGA 510.000


082 331 518 779

Dengan Tronsmart T1000 Miracast Dongle HDMI kita bisa menampilkan file multimedia dan file office dari tablet atau smartphone kita ke layar lebar atau ke projector.
Bisa melakukan presentasi file-file office secara wireless tanpa laptop. Cukup gunakan tablet atau smartphone android atau iphone dan projector HDMI...
Tronsmart T1000 Miracast Dongle HDMI Wireless Display DLNA
Description :

Package yes
Model number t1000
Brand Name tronsmart
Remote control not included
Place of origin guangdong china (mainland)
Type miracast wireless display dongle
Specification :

Multi-standard support: miracast,dlna,airplay, ezcast
Cast content: video,photo,game,office files,  internet
Display device: hdtv or projector with hdmi port
Multi-platform support for android phones/tablets, for apple ios iphone/ipad, for windows pc/note,for mac pc/notebook
Feature lpcm audio decode
firmware can be upgraded via ota technology(over the air)
support screen mirroring, also you can use tv as a second independent screen
extended cable with wifi dongle to avoid big tv screen blocking wireless signal
can directly play and cast local video, music, ms office documents
flexible power using tv standard usb port (no less than 400ma) or external usb power supply (not included)
h.264 1080p full hd video decode, resolution 1080p full hd, can be switched to 720p if your tv does not support
Note :
For ios system screen mirroring is still under developing, now, for ios device, the t1000 just support push video/ picture/ music and website to tv.

Package Included :

1 x usb power
1 x wifi adapter

Kamis, 15 Mei 2014

Alat Sadap Suara Sekitar Sensor Gerak dengan Sinyal GSM

Alat Sadap Suara Sekitar Sensor Gerak dengan Sinyal GSM

Alat sadap GSM sensor gerak
HARGA 430.000


Wireless Alarm GSM Dengan Sensor Gerak ini menggunakan sinyal GSM untuk mengirimkan alarm ke hp anda dimanapun anda berada.
Remote Control Wireless PIR Sensor Motion Detector GSM Alarm System Alert

Dengan bentuk yang sangat mungil sangat mudah di pasang di mana saja di area yang mau di monitor.  Sensor Passive  Inframerahnya dapat mendeteksi pergerakan orang dalam sudut 120 derajat dan dalam jarak 4-5 meter

Monitoring and Interception :
Setelah di pasang simcard, buat panggilan dari hp kita ke alat ini. Otomatis no hp kita sudah terdaftar di alat ini. Apabila sensor mendeteksi gerakan, maka otomatis alat ini akan memanggil no hp kita tadi dan kita dapat mendengarkan suara situasi sekitar 10 meter dari alat sensor ini.
Kalau diperlukan kita bisa mematikan alat ini dengan mengirim SMS 0000 atau mengaktifkan kembali dengan mengirim sms 1111
After turning on alarm monitor, it can be called and connected by communication tools. Waiting for a few seconds after getting through, you can hear clearly the situation 10 meters area around.
Operating Frequency: 850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ;((2G Network Universal world no 3G and 4G))

Standby Time :
When body sensing, can work : 5-7days
When Not for body sensing : 15-20days

keyword : alat sadap suara terkecil harga murah